Embodying Shakti: Goddess Ritual Workshop Series


Embodying Shakti is a dynamic exploration of the sacred feminine energy held within all of us, ready to be released and awakened. This workshop series will dive deep into the wisdom of Shakti through Tantric meditation techniques weaving asana, pranayama, mudras, mantras, sacred geometry, ritual and ceremony to invoke the energy of the Goddess.

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shakti beach.JPG

A year ago, our first Shakti tribe met on the beach in a ritual mandala formation and invoked the power of Maha Shakti. We surrendered, released and prayed, held each other in joy and tears, chanted and flowed around a central fire altar. A year ago was the completion, the culmination of the first cycle of Embodying Shakti.

I developed this series to nurture such moments of ceremony and connection, with each other and with the divine feminine source we all possess: Shakti. It took me a long time to realize my own potential and the wild, beautiful power I possess. The unbridled power of Shakti both reveals and conceals herself, and I’ll admit, often times I forget or ignore her. The process of excavation, going deep, fumbling and unfurling continues to inspire this workshop series and her next evolution.

What I love about embodying the different facets of the goddess is that each time they become a mirror for what is arising and in process: what is in bloom, what needs work and what needs to be let go. But more than anything, it’s a practice of collective empowerment, the unfolding of JAI! BOOM SHAKTI!

Since last year I have offered my Embodying Shakti workshop series in Bali, at Burning Man, during potent junctures and energetic shifts from shedding to blooming, and again last fall in our beautiful Santa Barbara shala. One thing I’ve realized is that we all go through it, all the phases, we all doubt and forget and remember our Shakti. May we all continue to embody this sacred feminine catalyst for inner and outer transformation. This work and seeing how it has changed all of us has inspired a new chapter in my Shakti series wherein we’ll embody new goddesses in ritual flow.