Santa Barbara Public Classes:

Divinitree Santa Barbara          

NEW! Yoga Bootcamp: Yoga/Pilates/HIIT Wednesday 12:15-1:15pm

Even with daily devotion to your practice and consistency, a yoga practice can start to plateau. Yoga Bootcamp is an evolutionary offering that safely and efficiently takes your practice to the next level. This fusion class integrates the core focused strength and stability of Pilates with yoga alignment based high intensity interval training (HIIT). Each class will begin with a gentle warm up before diving into a sweaty, heart pumping flow to build inner heat and endurance. To bring us back into a state of balance, we’ll slow it down and enjoy some deep cooling stretches before surrendering into a blissed out savasana.

Intuitive Flow: Monday/Wednesday 6:45pm and Sunday 11am COMMUNITY CLASS

Vinyasa Flow All Levels: Friday 5:30pm

In this soulful, evolving vinyasa flow class, Rachel holds space for students to connect with the waves of their breath and experience the wisdom of their instinctual body. Through organic, intuitive movement and thoughtfully choreographed sequencing, this powerful yet non-intimidating class encourages students to let go, tune in, breathe, sweat and be moved.

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